undocumented. unafraid. unashamed.

This was the moment I realized that if I gave in to fear nothing would change. If I did not speak out against what was happening to my brother, my family, and other fellow immigrants, our struggle would be ignored. Silence would be an agreement, an approval of the injustices being committed against youth, like my brother, who would qualify for and benefit from the Dream Act passing. These young adults are being treated as criminals for a decision they did not make.

The fear that I allowed to rule me began to dissipate. I would no longer remain silent. I would no longer encourage my brother to take a voluntary departure. It was time to share our story; it was time to speak out, to break the shackles of fear we allowed to enslave us.


- Angelica, on why she is dropping the fear and fighting to keep her brother in the country they have called home for the past 20 years.

You can help. Sign the petition. Make the calls to Senator Hagan and John Morton. To get more involved please contact us.

(Source: ncdreamteam.org)

  • 8 July 2011
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